Monday, April 23, 2012

Alec Lawless as Victorian Perfumer on BBC

When the BBC series The Victorian Pharmacy was first shown on British TV, those of us in North America couldn't access the video clips. Alec Lawless was featured as a Victorian Era perfumer,and I just discovered the clip is available on YouTube.

 Such a fun dip into history. LOVED watching the participants reactions to the aromatic perfumery materials. And the survey of the women townfolk with their varied reactions. The lady didn't seem won over by the final perfume though...fragrance preferences are so personal.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Organizing a Carry-on Bag

For all those who like to have just one particular bag on a short trip and prefer to carry it onboard, discovering a superb carry on bag is probably your first step. It really is great to be in a position to find stuff easy whilst I am on the plane.Therefore, I prefer to organize my bag neatly.I love my Samsonite Silhouette 11 carry on bag for that. Its top notch material and classy style are known to put them on many people's wishlist. Samsonite does have quite a few other excellent luggage series. Personally, I also like Samsonite Xspace series. They do offer you quite a few colours and sizes, all with fantastic designs. You can say they make the best lightweight luggage in the industry. I receive a lot of compliments everytime I travel with these bags. The newest one from Samsonite that I just bought would be the Garment Bag. I can skip having to be concerned about wrinkling my suits when I bring my garment bag.

OrGreenic Scam? An Honest OrGreenic Review With All The Facts About This Popular Cookware

OrGreenic Scam? An Honest OrGreenic Review With All The Facts About This Popular Cookware

Saturday, April 21, 2012

How to find the right coffee machine

How to find the right coffee machine

Here's the list of things to keep in mind when shopping for the coffee machine!
Since I'm getting myself a Keurig B50, the machine fits right into all the things I should look for!

Friday, April 20, 2012

The most effective way of refuelling from a jerry can

At the risk of being a smart pants, I'd say ... get someone else to do it.

Seriously though, if you're re-fueling a vehicle you have a number of methods ranging from manual to automatic, such as: 

i) attach a purpose made spout & hold it up & empty it.  You (or someone else) need to be strong & since the spouts often leak you & the vehicle wear some fuel BUT it's the quickest method 

ii) Tanami Pump
<> (& where Rob has put together a user's guide), where air pressure pumps the fuel for you.  Easiest on your physical being but also probably most expensive & takes a bit to set up.

If you don't mind lifting the jerry can, you can use a big funnel or a jerry can pourer which clips onto a metal jerry can - the plastic ones come with a plastic pourer.

If you have a 4WD with a spare tyre on the rear door you can lift the jerry can onto the spare and then use a syphon hose to drain the jerry can.

I use a Tanami Pump:

They have a long metal tube which you insert into the metal jerry can and then you do up the "lid" part of the device onto the opening of the jerry.  You attach it to an air compressor and the compressor pressurises the jerry can with air which forces the fuel out via a hose into the fuel tank.

No lifting and holding jerry cans and it is reasonably quick.  There is a pressure relief valve built into the system so you can't over pressurise the jerry can.

I store mine in a length of plumbers conduit with a screw cap so there are no diesel fumes in the car after using it.

I just put 20 litres of diesel in the 4WD by using a flexible metal pourer.  I had to hold the jerry can up for 8 minutes - it felt like a lot longer.

The Tanami is the way to go if you plan on doing it regularly.  The only effort is getting the full Jerry can out of the holder.

To syphon the jerry has to be higher than the end of the hose, and that would get awful tiring!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cooking without added Oil!

Here's how you can cook an egg or a steak using Orgreenic Pan. You simply do not need to add any grease like butter or oil and the egg won't stick on the pan like it normally would with the regular pan.
In this case in the video, you simply just put the red meat on the pan and let it cook. The juice will leak out from the meat. You can simply marinade the meat with the spices and seasonings the night before to have the flavor really sinking in. This is what I read from one of the cookware reviews. Or if you forgot to do so the night before, you can simply sprinkle a little bit of salt and pepper without adding butter. This is just so we make sure that we're keeping the food as low fat as possible. After all, that's the reason why you bought Orgreenic pan in the first place, isn't it?

Then what you want to do after is that you want to get a lid to cover the pan, and let the meat simmer. You might want to lower the heat while you do that so that it won't overcook the meat. This process usually takes 3-10 minutes depending on how well you'd like your meat done.

You can use the meat juice to make a gravy sauce after, but I don't really recommend as it is too high in the fat. Instead, make a fat free sause using the fat free yogurt and add some spices and herbs for some fresh flavors. You may add a little bit more of the salt into the sauce but be very careful with that. It has been proven that staying healthy also involves low-sodium diet. That's one of the things to do to avoid having hypertension.

My New To Buy Item - Keurig B70 Platinum Brewing System

I'm so getting a Keurig B70 Platinum coffee machine at this end of this month as soon as I get paid. I figure that although it might be pricey, it's definitely going to be worth it considering how much money I spend buying coffee from StarBucks each month.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Have you ever wanted to try cooking for your own house party? Does the thought of doing it stop you from getting out your Big Boss Grill and giving it a try? Well, if that is the case, you should be relieved that you are reading this because we will tell you how to do some easy party food planning to get you started.

I know that it is frustrating sometimes. You have all these expensive cookware lying around and you never get to use them. You saw all these cookware reviews and thought of some great ideas to throw house parties and cook the foods for them yourself but when it comes to planning, you just don't know where to start.

Don't let all the preparation process overwhelm you before you even get started on planning the event. Firstly, you should think about the size of the party you are holding: how many guests to invite, the location of the party whether it's your house or somewhere else, etc. Then you can start thinking about the menu. You should go through your guest list and circle those with special preferences in foods. Ask yourself if you know anyone who's a vegetarian or whose choices of food are restricted by their religious beliefs. The best way to go about it if your guest list is big is to have a buffet. The guests will be able to choose what they enjoy and it'll be less work on your part when it comes to trying to please everyone.

When you think about the foods that you are going to have, you should also k. Belief. Ds. G the event. Foods for them yourself but wnow that some dishes taste great even when they are cooked long before they are served. Not all the dishes are like that. Some dishes will taste much better when cooked right before serving. This is something you can learn when you read the recipe and do the party planning.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bake Pops the Cake Pop Pan!

If you are like me and want to stay as healthy as possible, you will know by now how bad the chemicals in the foods are. The pesticides in most vegetables and fruits are so toxic and are difficult to wash off. There're also hormones which could be found in the meat that have been proven to be the cause of cancer. Foods we eat play an important role in the way our health is regardless of the way we cook. It doesn't matter if you cook your foods using Secura Oven or not, buying organic foods is a great way to stay healthy. It is okay to eat some sweet treats like cake pops every now and then, especially when you just got yourself a new Bake Pops pan, but never overdo it! The only problem is that organic foods are still quite expensive and they are not affordable for most people.

If you read enough of the cookware reviews, you will know that many of them will also recommend buying organic raw materials in order to make the foods delicious as well as healthy. Even now when a lot of organic foods are still quite expensive, people who can afford will try to eat only the organic ones because they realize how dangerous it can be to collect these pesticides and hormones over time. The good news is you can now buy organic wholesale food as the solution.

Buying organic wholesale food can surprisingly save you a lot of money and it is incredibly easy to do. There are many wholesalers in the country that are going to give you major discounts when you buy in wholesale amount. However, there are a few things that might be problematic to some people. If you do not have a big family, buying organic wholesale food can be a bit too much of an expense just for food especially the fresh foods.

So, the solution to that is to have some friends or neighbors joined together in groups when you go shopping for organic wholesale food. Conduct some community meeting to decide on what to buy each week. This way you will be able to get substantial discount when you buy organic food in bulk.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

How to Get The Naturally Beautiful Curly Hair

How to Get The Naturally Beautiful Curly Hair

I don't want to end up having all the curls locked to one another ending up in clumps. And lucky for me that I've found this post!

Cheese Cake Ice Cream

Cheese Cake Ice Cream is such a nice looking desert perfect for the summer days. What's better than a cheese cake is adding ice cream into it. !!

Some Quick Pasta Cooking Tips

If you are a pasta lover and are looking for an easy way to cook your pasta then may I suggest that you try the Pasta Boat? This newest invention has revolutionized the way normal people cook pasta and in this short article we will look at what exactly is the Pasta Boat and what it can do for you and how it will change the way you cook your pasta for the better. Before I bought the Pasta Boat I would fill a huge pot with water then ad some salt and then put the water to a boil. When the water was boiling I would put in the pasta and wait for it to be ready. When the pasta was finally cooked I had to carry the steaming hot pot of boiling water to the sink to pour it out.

This you can imagine caused a lot of difficulties and even more pain as I spilled boiling water on my hands and fingers, not to mention all the hot steam that would cause my face and upper body a lot of pain. But now my life is so much better as with the Pasta Boat I can now cook pasta for the whole family without any kind of problems. The Pasta Boat lets you cook your pasta in the microwave oven; I hope you can see how great that is. Using the microwave oven to cook pasta takes all troubles away and lets you enjoy your cooking all that more. So go out and buy a Pasta Boat you won't regret it, because I haven't. What I just told you here is what I've learned from a web site with many cookware reviews. This site also gives out free recipes and cooking tips. If you want to check it out yourself, you can visit their site. Just go to

Olive Oil Isn't So Great when Heated

More and more people are becoming aware of the causes of heart diseases. Having high cholesterol is one of many reasons. We eat too much of the greasy food these days and as the result of that, we have too much of what's called the bad cholesterol in our blood clogging our veins and leading us to heart disease. Olive oil is now consumed for the purpose of helping us reduce bad fat by adding good one into our body. But not many people know that the good fat turns bad when heated. That's why Orgreenic kitchenware is so useful: no need for adding grease to keep the food from sticking to the pan.

I found out about this thing from one of the cookware reviews and decided to give it a try. I'm a big fan of fried food but I'd rather be healthy. This is how Orgreenic pan can satisfy my craving for fried foods without compromising my cardiovascular health.

With the olive oil, I'd rather add it in my salad dressing as it is better consumed when not heated. Olive oil is also great for skin and can be used as makeup remover as well. Simply add olive oil and water together and soak it on a cotton pad before wiping off the makeup with it.

It is a good thing that we are paying more attention to our health and taking care of ourselves. It is our own responsibility to do so. After all, we all want to live long but what is the point of living long if we have to suffer all the way to our last day. We cannot rely on the medical support to cure us. It's better that we prevent any illnesses from happening in the first place. Staying active and always watching what we eat will be the fundamental things to do. After that, one can start taking supplementary vitamins and minerals.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Reaction to Yeast Flakes

I recently started adding Now Yeast Flakes to my diet, and I've been getting a strange reaction. I usually take it in the morning when I wake up.Shortly after I will eat, and almost every time within minutes my face feels like it's burning and begins to turn red, with rash like symptoms. It only happens when I eat. Generally I'll eat eggs along with butter maybe some meat,and coconut oil. It usually goes away within a half hour to an hour.

The answer was - "The yeast flakes were the only thing I really was omitting on the diet for a long time, as well as occasional use of other things, because of budget restraints.. I understand the flush, but I don't understand why it just seems to happen when I eat. I think it's because you take the yeast flakes on an empty stomach and follow it up with fats (which help vitamins to absorb more readily).  Niacin flushes are good for your body!"